Certification Portfolio Gate 1 Overview

To receive certification for a license as a teacher or COMD professional students need to provide evidence of meeting the Wisconsin Teaching Standards. Gate 1 begins when students enter TED 120,
TED 155, COMD 275, P ED 161, AGED 201, or complete the graduate portfolio orientation seminar. Students will receive their Chalk & Wire accounts and learn the process of uploading artifacts, writing reflections and submitting pages for assessment.

The 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards are embedded throughout each program. Select courses according to program have been identified to demonstrate understanding of each standard (see the Gate 1 Matrices). Instructors in the individual courses identified on the matrices will be responsible for assessing artifacts and reflections. A three point rubric will be used to assess each standard:

  • Exceeds expectations
  • Meets expectations
  • Does not meet expectations  

Students must receive a meet or exceed rating on all criteria in the appropriate assessment rubric(s) to receive a grade for any course listed in the matrices. Grades of SP (satisfactory progress) will be given if expectations are not met by the end of the course. Students in multiple certification programs (double majors or minors) may take more than one course with the same embedded standard. In these cases the standard will be formally assessed in the first course taken. Students will still need to complete related assignments in subsequent courses as required by individual teachers and programs.

Prior to student teaching or Communicative Disorders practicum the portfolio must be submitted to the CEPS Portfolio Advisor for review. This must be completed by December 1 for spring semester placements and June 1 for fall semester placements. Once the review is successfully completed a Gate 1 Milestone will be added to a student's unofficial transcript.

Chalk & Wire Learning Assessment image