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 Quality teacher education programs cannot exist without cooperation and partnership with school districts. Successful teaching, and successful teacher preparation, requires teamwork, cooperation, and hard work on the part of the student teacher, the University Director of Student Teaching, the local school administrator, the cooperating teacher, the university supervisor, and other school district personnel. Our goal at UWRF is to provide the teacher-candidate with the culminating experience in which the student teacher translates his/her educational background into actual classroom practice. While the prospective teacher is the focus of this experience, it is also recognized and understood that a school's primary obligation is to its pupils and that each person's role is defined by local policy as well as by state and federal statutes. Your suggestions and recommendations are invited and encouraged. COOPERATING TEACHER REQUIREMENTS The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has developed requirements for cooperating teachers who work with Wisconsin student teachers. Provisions relating to cooperating teachers and other school based supervisors ensure that the cooperating personnel used in the clinical programs meet all of the following requirements:

  • Hold a regular Wisconsin license [or its equivalent for the teaching assignment] and have volunteered for assignment as a cooperating teacher or practicum supervisor.
  • Have at least 3 years of teaching experience with at least one year of teaching experience in the school or school system of current employment or have at least 3 years of pupil service or administrator experience with one year in the school or school system of current employment.
  • Have completed training in both the supervision of clinical students and in the applicable teacher standards. [Training includes a course, seminar, or workshop provided by a college, university, school district, or independent source. They may be completed in person or on-line. The standards refer to Wisconsin standards but Minnesota standards are very similar.]

PURPOSE This website is not a course in the supervision of student teachers, nor does it take the place of such a course. Although we strongly recommend taking a class, this site does serve two purposes. First, it fulfills the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirement that ALL cooperating teachers have training in the supervision of clinical students. Second, this site serves as a guide for cooperating teachers, even those with experience, who have questions about their role in this last and most critical phase of the student's preparation – the student teaching experience. UWRF offers a 3 credit graduate course, "Supervision of Field Experiences," each semester and during the summer. It is tuition-free to any teacher who is willing to mentor a UWRF student teacher. Contact information about this course may be found near the end of this website. Please submit the form at the end after reading through the information the first time. There is no need to submit the form when visiting the site a second or third time. Participation in this website does not apply toward academic or continuing education credit.

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Handbook for Cooperating School Personnel

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