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 “If we are to reach real peace in this world, we must begin with the children.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Real peace begins with a child’s education and I am fortunate to play a vital part in educating teachers,  administrators, and support staff from both Minnesota and Wisconsin, in relation to World Citizen and their Peace Education Program.  This professional development initiative provides K-12 educators the chance to come together, discuss, and learn about how to promote peace, human rights, and social justice in their classrooms and school communities.  Several times each year, this group of dynamic educators come together to learn about the five supporting principles of World Citizen, which include: 1) protecting the environment, 2) developing intercultural understanding, 3) seeking peace within self and others, 4) reaching out in service, and 5) being a responsible citizen of the world.  I am a committed facilitator and educator for these sessions, guiding and formally presenting content, which focuses on infusing social justice and equity into school communities.  The workshop sessions are designed to encourage and educate teachers, administrators, and support staff to renew their commitment to peace and social justice.  

To find out more about World Citizen’s Peace Education Program as well as their other programs dedicated to peace, please visit their website, or Facebook page at:

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