Strategic Plan of the UWRF College of Business and Economics

January 28, 2013 version

The mission and strategic plan of CBE is periodically reviewed to maintain consistency with the University mission and strategic plan. The College will identify accomplishments of the previous year each fall and identify priority action items for the coming year each fall.

Goal 1. Maintain a high quality Graduate and Undergraduate program based on principles of continuous improvement

  1. Carry out Assurance of Learning efforts for continuous improvement of the academic programs.
  2. Include appropriate professional skills, such as: communication skills, technical skills, leadership skills, and decision making skills.
  3. Develop high impact practices such as student participation in internships and undergraduate research.
  4. Secure adequate computing resources for faculty, staff and students.
  5. Work with the UWRF Advancement office to secure funds, to include securing a college namesake.
  6. Maintain breadth and depth of faculty expertise.
  7. Emphasize a high level of student/faculty interaction.
  8. Use alumni to strengthen important aspects of the program with assistance on things such as: internships, mentorship, guest speakers, interaction with faculty.
  9. Maintain a student faculty ratio comparable to our aspirant schools within AACSB.

Goal 2. Meet the needs of business community

  1. Maintain a high quality Adult Degree Completion program.
  2. Achieve a high level of student satisfaction in the Masters of Business Administration program.
  3. Achieve a high level of employer satisfaction with the MBA.
  4. Support the activities of the SBDC with faculty resources.
  5. Support entrepreneurship.
  6. Support the Center for Economic Research.
  7. Develop and implement a daytime MBA.
  8. Develop and implement an MS in Computer Science.
  9. Development of a sales center and sales emphasis in Marketing.

Goal 3. Create an environment that supports emerging trends and issues

  1. Offer a curriculum that addresses emerging trends and issues.
  2. Support the efforts to improve international opportunities for students and faculty.
  3. Enhance the inclusive environment in CBE and contribute to the diversity goals of the university.

Goal 4. CBE will recruit, support, and retain faculty who contribute to the achievement of the College’s mission

  1. Develop and maintain a strong intellectual community with contributions of the faculty to our respective disciplines emphasizing contributions to practice and learning and pedagogical research.
  2. Establish a “nine-credit-hour, two preparation” load (one semester) and a “twelve credit hour, two or three preparation” load (the other semester) for faculty with only undergraduate teaching responsibilities by academic year 2011/2012.
  3. Establish a “nine-credit-hour, two preparation” load per semester for faculty teaching in the Master of Business Administration program by academic year 2011/2012.
  4. Establish a college award for service.
  5. Recruit faculty with a salary at or above the AACSB median for rank and field of study.
  6. Encourage and support CBE faculty and staff engagement with the university wide mission and strategic plan.

Goal 5. Enhance the reputation and awareness of CBE within UWRF and within the Greater St. Croix Valley Region

  1. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan.
  2. Emphasize AACSB accreditation through promotional materials. 
  3. Develop relationships with Greater St. Croix Valley region employers to support the College.
  4. Encourage faculty and staff professional contributions to the community.

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