Support for Research, Scholarly Activity, and Professional Activity at the College and University Level 

(Approved by the Faculty Development committee on February 17, 2011)

The CBE's Scholarly Activity Support Program enables faculty members to remain academically and professionally qualified and current in the teaching field. The support program includes workload reallocation, class preparation reduction, flexible scheduling, travel support, research funding, and research awards.

CBE-level Support:

Tenured and tenure-track faculty members in the CBE are eligible to receive the following research and scholarly activity support at the college level:

  1. Workload Reallocation.  Reassign a section of a course to reduce the number of course presentations to three in a semester.
  2. Reducing Course Preparations.  Reduce the number of course preparations, whenever possible, to two per semester.
  3.  Flexible Course Scheduling.  Schedule courses to allow individual faculty members blocks of time to carry out research (e.g., scheduling courses only on MWF, TTh, M through Th, evenings, Saturdays, or teaching during J-term/summer as a substitute for one course during the year).
  4. Travel Support. Provide funds that would allow faculty members to present research papers at national and international conferences and participate in other professional activities.
  5. Research Award. An annual financial award for a faculty member with many refereed journal publications.
  6. Charles Kao Faculty Development Fund.  The College of Business and Economics will receive $25,000 per year to support faculty development. The goal is to increase faculty attendance at conferences and provide time and resources to support research with the intent to increase faculty research productivity.
Policy Principles
  1. Teaching excellence requires scholarly activity in one's discipline. All faculty members at CBE have research expectations.
  2. Faculty must be actively engaged in research to qualify for research support.
  3. Department chairs will nominate faculty for research release (faculty can request a nomination from the chair) to the Dean. Decisions by the Dean should be made public to ensure transparency.
  4. The quality of classroom instruction will be maintained.
  5. CBE-level supports are intended to supplement, not to replace, university-level support. Faculty members are encouraged to apply for university support programs first.

University-level Support:

The University of Wisconsin – River Falls has many support programs. Among these are the following. Please see the faculty development link of the university web site for more information about each of these grants.
  1. Sabbatical Leave.  The purpose of the sabbatical program is to enable participants to be engaged in intensive study in order to become more effective scholars and teachers. The sabbatical program is understood as recognition of past and continuing academic contributions to UW-RF. Two types of sabbatical are possible. They are the one-semester sabbatical leave with full pay and the academic-year sabbatical leave with up to 65 percent of compensation.
  • Benefits: Excellent support for full time long-term (one semester or year) research.
  • Limitations: Extensive time-consuming proposal, and competitive award.
  1. Professional Development Grants.  These are awards to support faculty to travel and present at professional meetings. Awards may also support travel to serve on a panel, chair a session, or serve as an officer of the organization sponsoring the meeting.
  • Benefits: Up to $1300 for international travel, up to $1000 for national travel; short and easy proposal; relatively non-competitive.
  • Limitations: May be limited to presentations only, only one travel opportunity per year, currently cannot be used to fund international faculty development seminars that do not include a presentation (or funding is very limited).
  1. Faculty Research Grants.  These can be used for faculty salary, funding student assistants, supplies and equipment, and conference travel related to a faculty research project.
  • Benefits: Is one of the few opportunities for faculty salary, excellent support for a short research activity (a few weeks of full time work), a second source for faculty conference travel. 
  • Limitations: Extensive time-consuming proposal, requires preliminary research (literature review with citations as part of proposal), maximum award of $1500, very competitive award.
  1. Retraining and Renewal Grants.  These may be used to cover fees at professional seminars and workshops, and travel for professional development.
  • Benefits: Potentially large grants (up to several thousand dollars); covers international travel, such as international faculty development seminars; relatively short and easy proposal.
  • Limitations: Very competitive.  Tenured faculty receive preference over probationary faculty.
  1. Knowles Grant.  A small flexible award to help support short-term international research or teaching abroad or international conferences, or to supplement longer-term international projects. (Also available to students.)
  • Benefits: Short easy proposal, flexible use of funds, a good supplement or match for other grant proposals, currently not overly competitive.
  • Limitations: Limited funds (maximum of $500).
  1. UWRF Foundation Grants.  These awards may be used to cover conference travel, supplies and equipment, and some other research and professional development costs.
  • Benefits: Short proposal.
  • Limitations: Vague application format and criteria for awards; not to be used for faculty salary.
  1. Institutional Enhancement Grant.  These awards provide funding for workshops, conferences, curriculum initiatives, etc. that affect a large portion of our university.
  • Benefits: Includes funding of salary, not overly competitive for small projects.
  • Limitations: Limited to projects that affect a large portion of the university.

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