Scheduling Research Reassigned Time

Approved by CBE Faculty 12/02/2011

Consistent with the CBE document, “Support for Research, Scholarly Activity, and Professional Activity,” department chairs can nominate faculty to the CBE Dean for research reassigned time. Faculty can request this nomination from the department chair.  This document explains what qualifications faculty must have to be eligible for research reassigned time; what is expected from faculty who get research reassigned time; and factors that may constrain granting of research reassigned time.

Consistent with UWRF 8.1.1, reassigned time reduces load from 4/4 to 4/3.

UWRF 8.1.1 Load

Members of the faculty are expected to teach an average of twelve undergraduate credit hours per semester. However, with the approval of the department chair and Dean, faculty may receive reassigned time to account for advising, service to the University or community, research and scholarly activity, or exceptionally high student credit hour (SCH) production.

To Qualify for Research Reassigned Time:

  1. Faculty must be actively engaged in research to qualify for research reassigned time. Specifically they must be currently academically qualified (AQ) under the CBE’s AQ/PQ policy.

  2. Exceptional performance, for example, achieving double the usual AQ expectation in five years in quality journals or publishing one article in an 'A' journal in the field, may lead to an additional reassigned time. The department chair will judge the quality of the journals to justify reassigned time in this circumstance.

  3. UWRF and the College of Business and Economics are committed to quality teaching. Therefore, a faculty member applying for research reassigned time must maintain the quality of classroom instruction as measured by Standards of Performance for Retention, Tenure, Promotion, and Post-Tenure Review and certified by the department chair.

  4. Administrative reassigned time is unrelated to this policy and does not influence eligibility for research reassigned time. Department chairs and other administrators are eligible for research reassigned time when the above guidelines are met.

Expectations of Faculty Granted Research Reassigned Time:

  1. Research reassigned time is expected to lead to peer-reviewed journal articles.This expectation must be met to be eligible for future research reassigned time.

  2. Faculty members granted research reassigned time will present the results of their research to the college.

Contingent upon budget sufficiency and administrative authority to do reassigned time, constraints for Granting Research Reassigned Time are:

  1. The minimum percentages for AQ, PQ, and participating faculty must be met in each area each semester.
  • AQ faculty members must teach 50% of the SCH in each area, and 90% of the SCH in each area must be taught by either AQ or PQ faculty members.

  • Participating members of the faculty must teach 60% of the SCH in each department and 75% in the College.
  1. Unanticipated student need requires a faculty member to teach a full load when they would otherwise have been given a research reassigned time.

If a faculty member has been granted research reassigned time and is unable to use it because of one of the two constraining factors, they may bank their reassigned time for a future semester. A banked reassigned time should not influence the granting of new reassigned time.

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