Guidelines for Peer Observation and Evaluation

updated November 12, 2010


1. There is a distinction made among peer observation during the first two years of employment, the remaining years of probationary appointment, and post tenure observations.  Adjuncts are observed every semester.

2. All class visits must be at the convenience of the instructor.

3. Any individual class should not be used for observation more than once in a semester, except at the request of the instructor.

4. The primary purpose of observation is to improve the quality of teaching.

5. The observation evaluation report must follow the approved format. Other comments and suggestions on teaching style or methodology should not be included in the report.

Observation and Evaluation during the first two years:

1. At least two observations must be conducted each semester. These must be conducted by different faculty.

2. The observer is to prepare a written observation report within 24 hours of the observation. This report will become part of the instructor’s personnel file.

3. The observer must meet with the instructor to discuss the written evaluation within 24 hours of the observation.

4. The instructor may challenge the written observation and ask that the evaluation be changed or add a written response to the evaluation report.

5. The observation and evaluation has two purposes:
    a. It provides first hand evaluation of instruction that is of use in personnel decisions.
    b. It provides an opportunity for exchange of ideas and methodology.

6. The instructor has the right to ask for a follow-up observation and evaluation by the same observer or a different observer.

7. The instructor has the right to ask the department chair to change the person assigned as observer.

8. The observation schedule is developed in a way to rotate the person assigned as observer.

9. Observation is conducted by tenured faculty.

Observation and Evaluation of probationary faculty after two years:

1. Same rules as above, except there is a minimum of 2 observations per year.

Observation of tenured faculty:

1. Same rules as above except:
    a. There will be a minimum of one observation every other year.
    b. The written evaluation report is not required, it is recommended.
    c. Probationary and tenured faculty may observe.
2. The discussion prior to and following the observation still occurs.

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