UWRF College of Business and Economics Constitution

September 4, 2013 Revision

This Constitution is predicated on Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The Faculty of each institution, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the Board, the President and Chancellor of such institution, shall be vested with the responsibility for the immediate governance of such institution and shall actively participate in institutional policy development.  As such, the Faculty shall have primary responsibility academic and education activities, and faculty personnel matters.  The Faculty of each institution shall have the right to determine their own Faculty organization structure, and to select representatives to participate in institutional governance (Wisc. Statues 36.09[4]).

The College Faculty shall adopt rules and policies relating to its governance subject to approval of UWRF administration and the University of Wisconsin System.

Article 1 – Faculty

Section 1 –  Voting Membership
The voting membership of the College of Business and Economics consists of half-time to full-time ranked Faculty of the College.

Section 2 – Ex-Officio Memberships
The Dean may serve as an ex-officio member of all committees without voting privileges. Associate/Assistant Deans and Department Chairs may be appointed members of committees with voting rights. Otherwise, Associate/Assistant Deans, Department Chairs, and Faculty may serve as ex-officio members of all committees without voting rights.

Section 3 – Responsibilities
The Faculty of the College is responsible for the determination of its education policies and procedures. Specifically the Faculty shall formulate:

  1. The academic mission, goals, objectives, and strategies of  the College                   
  2. The development and evaluation of the academic programs and the professional activities of the College.
  3. The academic standards for students.
  4. The criteria for faculty retention, promotion, and tenure.
  5. Procedures for criteria for periodic review of those with administrative leadership appointments directly related to CBE’s academic disciplines: department chairs, assistant deans, associate deans, dean, and Director of the Adult Degree Completion program and Director of CBE Graduate Programs
  6. Assessment of those with administrative leadership appointments directly related to CBE’s academic disciplines.

Section 4 – Participation
The Faculty shall establish and compose committees which will share governance of the CBE regarding the development and implementation of policies and procedures consistent with the academic objectives of the College and the Faculty governance rules of UWRF in the following areas:

  1. Appointment, retention, tenure, promotion of the Faculty.
  2. Enhancement of the scholarly environment.
  3. Support for co-curricular activities of the students.
  4. Allocation of the resources of the College.
  5. Meaningful participation in the selection of College Administrators.
  6. Assessing College programs to determine if College goals are met.

Section 5 – Meetings
Regular meetings and special meetings of the Faculty shall be held in accordance with the By-Laws of this Constitution.  Meetings held to handle personnel matters should adhere to the requirements of Wisc. Statute 19.85.

Article 2 – College Organization

Section 1 – Office of the Dean
The College is administered by a Dean in accordance with the rules of the UWRF and the UWSA.  The Dean may be assisted by Assistant or Associate Deans, Assistants to the Dean, Department Chairs, and Program and Center Directors.  Prior to the approval of the Chancellor of persons to fill these positions, the Dean shall consult with the Faculty in the selection process.  The Dean shall conduct annual administrative reviews of all faculty holding administrative appointments. 

Section 2 – Departments
A Department is an administrative unit of the College and conforms with the policies of the College.  The Department is headed by a Chair, who is selected under the rules of the Faculty Handbook.  The Department shall determine its academic and administrative policies through procedures adopted by the Department, consistent with the College's policies and procedures, and with the Faculty governance rules of UW-RF.

Section 3 – Academic Programs
An Academic Program is a comprehensive unit of college courses which lead to a major, an option, or a minor in one or more of the academic disciplines of the College: Accounting, Computer Science/Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing.

Section 4 – Centers and Other Entities
A Center within the College of Business & Economics exists as a formal administrative unit. A Center is primarily involved in research and/or community service in one or more of the academic disciplines of the College.

Other entities also may be identified as bureaus, institutes, laboratories, etc.

Article 3 – Amendments of the Constitution

Section 1 – Proposal for Amendments
Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by the Dean, the Dean's Advisory Committee, or by at least forty percent of the Faculty, but in any case, proposals must be presented in writing to the Faculty at least ten (10) working days before a Faculty Meeting.  Proposed amendments are subject to a first and a second reading.

Section 2 – Approval of Amendments
Voting will be by ballot at a College Faculty Meeting.  Ballots will be collected and tallied.  Adoption of an amendment requires approval by two-thirds of the Faculty voting.  If faculty are absent from the meeting on College or University business or are on leave, the faculty member may vote by absentee ballot before the meeting.

Section 3 – Acceptance of the Constitution
The approval of two-thirds of the Faculty voting will be required to approve this Constitution.

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