Common Syllabus Format

Passed by CBE on December 10, 2010, effective Spring 2011
Prior Version Date(s): February 14, 2002

To establish guidelines for a common format for College of Business and Economics syllabi to meet AACSB standards.

All instructors teaching courses in the College of Business and Economics will include required elements on their syllabi.

1.  All College of Business and Economics course syllabi will include course name, course number, section number(s), current semester, instructor name, instructor office location, instructor phone number, office hours, prerequisites, prior technology expectations, textbook, CBE mission, link to CBE learning outcomes, program learning outcomes assessed in the course in bold, course description, course objectives, evaluation methods, disability information and accommodation policy, academic integrity policy, and course calendar.  Students may access the syllabus electronically on D2L or the course webpage.

2.  Syllabi are to identify the program learning outcomes that are being assessed in the course. Program learning outcomes are to be placed after the CBE mission and link to CBE learning outcomes and before the course description and course learning objectives. This supports program AOL plans that state that course learning objectives support program learning outcomes. 

Syllabi are to contain a link to the college’s webpage with the notation, “All program learning outcomes are posted on the program’s section of the College’s webpage.” and “College of Business and Economics learning outcomes are posted to the Assessment Section of the  College’s webpage.”

3.  Additional recommended elements include instructor email address, instructor fax number, attendance policy, visitor policy, electronics policy, and drop dates.

4.  The required order for the required and recommended elements follows:

  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Section number(s)
  • Current semester
  • Instructor name
  • Instructor office location
  • Instructor phone number
  • Instructor fax number
  • Instructor email address
  • Instructor office hours
  • Prerequisites
  • Prior technology expectations
  • Textbook & supplementary material
  • CBE Mission
  • Link to College learning outcomes
  • Program learning outcomes (bold)
  • Course description
  • Course learning objectives
  • Evaluation methods
  • Attendance policy
  • Disability information and accommodations policy
  • Visitor policy, Electronics policy
  • Academic integrity policy
  • Course calendar and drop dates

An example syllabus is provided heredocument.

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