Program Assessment
Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

At the end of the program, our graduate will demonstrate knowledge of:

C1. the language, facts, details, and significance of scientific information for General Biology. (or Field Biology or Biomedical Sciences)

C2. how scientific knowledge is obtained and verified, and the importance of detail, accuracy, & honesty in scientific reporting.

At the end of the program our graduates will demonstrate the ability to:

B1. perform basic lab techniques and field techniques (lab techniques for Biomedical Sciences, or field techniques for Field Biology) and proper scientific documentation techniques, including relevant computer techniques.

B2. think critically and solve problems by compiling and analyzing scientific information from library, electronic, and experimental sources.

B3. work cooperatively and collaboratively.

B4. communicte scientific information.

At the end of the program our graduates will hold these professional values:

A1. Make informed and well reasoned ethical decisions.

A2. Assess their own strengths and weaknesses.