Burnett County Photographs

Many of our Burnett County photographs are postcards, some commercially produced but many "real photo" postcards—photographs printed on postcard stock instead of photographic paper. Some are hand-tinted before being commercially-produced, like the two Grantsburg images in the top row (below). If you are interested in a particular resort we have a growing collection of resort postcards, so check with usmail.  Eventually we will have our photograph catalog available online, but until then send us an e-mailmail to see if we have images. 

Express written permission is required to reproduce any image held by the University Archives and Area Research Center. The user is liable for any violation of copyright or donor agreement. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in his/her use of photographs, manuscripts and all other records. The user is liable for any violation of copyright or donor agreement.

 Resort near Danbury
             Resort near Danbury
 Hickerson Roller Mill, Grantsburg
           Grantsburg roller mill
 Starch Factory, Grantsburg
       Grantsburg starch factory
 Community Hospital, Grantsburg
              Grantsburg hospital
 Grantsburg residences
          Grantsburg street scene
 Burnett County Courthouse, Grantsburg
County Courthouse in Grantsburg
Swedish Baptist Church, Trade Lake
        Trade Lake Baptist church
Webb Lake bar
                Webb Lake bar
Webster High School
            Webster High School


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