Overload Compensation Policy (AP-06-108)

UW-River Falls Administrative Policy
Policy ID: AP-06-108
Effective: July 1, 2013
Revision:  October 15, 2013
Review: 3 years

Overload Compensation Policy 

Maintained by: Provost
Approved by: Chancellor
Next Review Date: October 1, 2016

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Pursuant to changes in Wisconsin Statute and delegated the authority by UW System Administration, each UW institution has the ability to create an administrative policy that defines the dollar amount threshold for overload payments to employees while on contract (either for 9 month or 12 month employees). The legislation calls for an implementation that follows the calendar rather than academic year and, for the initial year (2013) of implementation, the first six months must be based on pro rata amount of the previous limit ($12,000). This amount is therefore $6,000 for the period of January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013.

The limit from July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 will be $8,600 (a prorated amount from a calculated annual total of $17,136.75 and rounded to the nearest hundred dollars). The total for calendar 2013 should not exceed $14,600 and should not exceed either the $6,000 for the first six months of the year or $8,600 for the second six months of the year.

Beginning with 2014, there will be a single dollar amount calculated that regulates the entire calendar year. That amount will be calculated as 25% of the average of Full Professor base salaries reported as of October 1, 2013 and rounded to the nearest hundred dollars. The limit for calendar  year 2014 is $18,000.

The University's administration will periodically review (every three years) this policy to assure that it is functioning, compliant with UW System and Regents policies and procedures, and in line with the authorizing State of Wisconsin legislation.


The UW-River Falls Provost issues this policy in accordance with the Administrative Policy process. Only the UWRF Chancellor can provide an exception to this policy.

Sanctions and Appeals Process

Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action as provided under existing procedures applicable to students, faculty, and staff, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.


This policy calls for a calculation, done on or about October 1, 2013 and every three years afterward, that is 25% of the average base salary of UWRF full professors and rounded to the nearest hundred dollars. The calculation for the period July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 was based on the average pulled from a March 2013 report of salaries, which yielded an average full professor salary of $68,547. In subsequent years, the data will be pulled and the amount calculated in October and that number will govern calculations beginning the following calendar year and will remain in place for three years until the next calculation (calculations will occur October 1, 2013; 2015, 2018, 2021, etc.) is computed. 

The amount calculated will govern the overload payments available to faculty and academic staff regardless if they are working on 9- or 12-month contracts. Any exception to this policy shall only be made by the Chancellor. This policy does not replace 2/9ths policy enforced for summer compensation of 9-month contracted faculty and academic staff.

University Responsibilities 

The Provost's office will be responsible for the calculations and will notify Faculty and Academic Staff leadership of the calculated limit. The Provost's Office will also notify the following units: each of the academic colleges; Human Resources; Student Affairs; Athletics; the Budget Office; Outreach; Global Connections.

Department/Unit Responsibilities

Human Resources and/or the Budget Office will generate the salary list. This list can and should be the same as that used for the distribution of compensation for faculty otherwise known as the $100,000 distribution.


The policy was generated as a result of changes to state legislation and the institutional creation and enforcement of this policy was confirmed by UW System Administration on June 14, 2013.


Please direct questions about this policy to administrative-policy@uwrf.edumail.

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