Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment -Classified Staff (AP-06-107)

UW-River Falls Administrative Policy
Policy ID: AP-06-107
Effective: June 30, 2013
Review: 3 years

Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment -
Classified Staff
Maintained by: Human Resources
Approved by: Chancellor
Next Review Date: June 30, 2016

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This policy establishes compensation guidelines for eligible classified staff members who seek Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment Compensation as stated in University of Wisconsin System Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment (DERA) Criteria and Guidelines policy of June 30, 2013, the 2013-2015 Compensation Plan, and Chapter 552 of the Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook.


The UW-River Falls Chancellor issues this policy in accordance with the Administrative Policy process.
The Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance is responsible for the administration of this policy. Request an exception to this policy by writing to administrative-policy@uwrf.edumail.

Sanctions and Appeals Process

Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action as provided under existing procedures applicable to students, faculty, and staff, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.


DERA will be available to address equity and/or retention issues.  Permanent or project classified (except Crafts Workers and Crafts Worker Supervisors) no longer serving a probationary period and who have had a satisfactory-or-above performance evaluation during the previous fiscal year at UW-River Falls in a broadband pay range are eligible for a base pay increase, lump sum payment, or a combination of both.  Employees who are eligible for broadband pay upon appointment within the previous twelve months should be considered for DERA only in exceptional circumstances.  

Except in extraordinary situations, the maximum base pay adjustments and lump sum payments granted to an employee in a fiscal year is greater than zero and up to two within-range steps.

Equity and Retention Adjustment Criteria:

Pay Equity: The employee's salary has been determined to be lower than that of other state employees performing the same or similar duties at the same level of proficiency and who have comparable years of relevant service; or there is significant pay compression between the employee and his/her immediate subordinates; or established labor market data identifies a need to award market adjustments in order to achieve equity with external public/private employers.

Retention: The employer is aware that the employee is actively seeking other employment, or the employee actually has a job offer in hand and the resultant loss of the employee's knowledge and experience would be a detriment to the agency; therefore, requiring a pay adjustment be made in order to retain the employee.

1.  Requests will be submitted utilizing the Justification for DERA form as prescribed by the University of Wisconsin System.

2.  Equity requests will include supporting documentation and must include source data from Wisconsin's WorkNet with county wage comparison for Pierce and St. Croix Counties and statewide information from CareerOneStop at

3.  Requests from supervisors of classified staff will be accepted by the Office of Human Resources beginning with the third Monday of September and ending on the second Tuesday of October annually. Employees may self-nominate for DERA no more than once per fiscal year within the designated timeframe.

4.  Equity requests will be reviewed by an advisory committee comprised of the Provost or his/her designee, Chief Human Resources Officer, and the Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance; and once approved, decisions will be made, approved by the Chancellor, and then forwarded to the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) for approval.

5.  All DERAs must be approved by OSER before being granted.

6.  Under no circumstances will the effective receipt of a base building adjustment be earlier than the third Monday of September annually.

7.  A retention request for a special situation where the employee actually has a job offer in hand is an exception and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

8.  Within five (5) business days of receipt, retention requests for a special situation must be reviewed by the Director of Human Resources and the Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance, and once approved, will be forwarded to the Chancellor for approval and forwarding to OSER.

University Responsibilities

The Office of the Assistant Chancellor of Business and Finance will maintain this policy on the Administrative Policy website, and the Office of Human Resources will share this policy with employees inquiring about classified pay equity or retention Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment.

Department/Unit Responsibilities

Human Resources


Equity and retention were previously included in Discretionary Merit Compensation.  It was removed and the Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment was established in the 2013-2015 Compensation Plan.

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Please direct questions about this policy to administrative-policy@uwrf.edumail.