Administration Directory




AP-01-101 Sign Posting

AP-01-102 Chargeback of Plant Services

AP-01-103 Use of University Facilities

AP-01-104 Athletic Camps and Clinics

AP-01-105 Naming of Rooms and Buildings on Campus

AP-01-106 Access, Use and Retention of Social Security Numbers

AP-01-107 Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotions of Alcohol and Tobacco Products on Campus

AP-01-108 Licensing of UWRF Registered Marks

AP-01-109 Advertising and Sponsorship in University Print and Online Publications

AP-01-110 Segregated Fees

AP-01-111 International Student Remission Tuition Policy

AP-01-112 Social Media

AP-01-113 Employee Requested Tuition Reimbursement - Suspended July 1, 2015

AP-01-114 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

AP-01-115 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

AP-01-116 Tobacco-Free Campus

AP-01-117 Guidance Policy for Children in the Workplace

AP-01-118 Chemical Hygiene Plan

AP-01-119 Delegation of Authority

Academic Affairs

AP-01-201 Records Management Program

AP-01-202 Inclement Weather Practice

AP-01-203 International Education and Globalization Programs and Activities

AP-01-204 Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure

AP-01-205 Honored Retiree Status for Classified Employees

AP-01-206 Health Insurance Requirement for International Students

AP-01-207 Outreach Residual Funds

AP-01-208 Summer Session and J-Term

AP-01-209 Use of Copyrighted Material

AP-01-210 Emeriti Status for Unclassified Staff (Faculty/Academic Staff)

AP-01-211 Determination of Outreach Courses

AP-01-212 Full-time Status with a Reduced Course Load

Student Affairs

AP-01-301 Requirement for a Mandatory Residential Dining Plan

AP-01-302 Requirement for Mandatory Housing

University Foundation

AP-01-401 University-Foundation Relationships

AP-01-402 Naming Opportunities