Emeriti Status for Unclassified Staff (Faculty/Academic Staff) (AP-01-210)

UW-River Falls Administrative Policy
Policy ID: AP-01-210
Effective: June 27, 2005
Last Review: December 2013
Review: 3 years

Emeriti Status for Unclassified Staff
(Faculty/Academic Staff)
Maintained by: Provost
Approved by: Chancellor
Next Review Date: December 2016

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  1. The conferring of emeritus status is done in recognition of excellence in contributions to UW-River Falls. It is not granted automatically upon retirement.
  2. The attainment of emeritus status is for faculty and academic staff.
  3. The conferring of emeritus status is based on a minimum of 15 years of service at UW-River Falls and on the quality of the service given.
  4. The individual must be retired from UW-River Falls.
  5. Exceptions to these criteria are possible if there is significant support or circumstances.


The University responsibility for this policy lies with the Chancellor and Provost.
The UW-River Falls Chancellor issues this policy in accordance with the Administrative Policy process.
The Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance is responsible for the administration of this policy. Request an exception to this policy by writing to

Sanctions and Appeals Process

Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action as provided under existing procedures applicable to students, faculty, and staff, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.


  1. The academic unit or department nominates the prospective person.
  2. The Dean or Supervisor comments on the recommendation and, if approves, forwards the nomination to the Provost.
  3. The Provost also comments on the recommendation and, if approves, forwards the nomination to the Chancellor.
  4. The Chancellor awards emeriti status based on the recommendations of the academic unit or department, the Dean and the Provost.
  5. Upon final approval, a letter will be sent from the Chancellor to the individual indicating the privileges which come with emeriti status. Appropriate departments will be copied on this letter (Campus Card Office, Parking, IT, etc.).

NOTE: The benefits and privileges identified in 2.0 may be revoked or adjusted by Administration upon periodic review. Any changes in benefits and privileges will be clearly communicated to the University community.

University Responsibilities


Department/Unit Responsibilities

Dean or Supervisor


  1. Benefits/privileges bestowed on the individual achieving emeriti status will be reviewed periodically.
  2. Currently, they include:
    a. complimentary parking permit, upon request
    b. campus ID with all the features it currently contains--use of library, purchase of tickets for sporting events at reduced rates, use of the Knowles facility, and purchase of Falcon Dollars
    c. complimentary theater tickets, upon request
    d. the retention of an e-mail address at UWRF
    e. the right to march in commencement ceremonies
    f. the right to participate in all-University social affairs and other functions
    g. inclusion on the Falcon Features mailing list


Please direct questions about this policy to