Sign Posting (AP-01-101)

UW-River Falls Administrative Policy
Policy ID: AP-01-101
Effective: November 3, 2008
Revision: December 2013
Review: 3 years

Sign Posting

Maintained by: ACBF
Approved by: Chancellor
Next Review Date: December 2016

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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls regulates the posting of signs, posters, table tents, advertisements, pictures and other materials.


The UW-River Falls Chancellor issues this policy in accordance with the Administrative Policy process.
The Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance is responsible for the administration of this policy. Questions or clarifications about this policy can be sought from Student Services (University Center) or Facilities Management. Request an exception to this policy by writing to

Sanctions and Appeals Process

Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action as provided under existing procedures applicable to students, faculty, and staff, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.


Signs. No person may erect, post or attach any signs, posters, pictures or any other item of a similar nature in or on any building, including classrooms, or upon other University lands except on regularly established bulletin boards or as authorized by the provisions of this code or by Student Services (University Center) and Facilities Management. The following buildings have individual established posting policies: University Center, Library, and the Residence Halls. They do not necessarily follow the regulations contained herein.

Bulletin boards which are under the jurisdiction of the college department, residence hall, or administrative office that maintains them should be reasonably restricted to the posting of material(s) relevant to the functions of the offices involved.

University building walls and trees are not to be utilized for the posting of materials. The custodial and grounds department are instructed to remove all materials posted on these facilities and objects immediately. Posters or table tents designed with the primary purpose of promoting consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted.

Posters or table tents pertaining to explicit or implied pornography and those containing explicit or implied vulgarity will not be permitted.

All posters/notices must be removed within 24 hours after the advertised event has taken place. The removal of these posters/notices is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department.
Bulletin boards are cleared completely the last day of each semester by the custodial department.

Functions by University groups will take precedence over non-university groups.

Building staff (custodians, program assistants, etc.) have the right to relocate or temporarily remove signs in accordance to relative space.

Any questions regarding the University sign posting policies should be directed to the Director of Facilities Management.

University Responsibilities

Director of Facilities Management
Building Staff (Custodians, Program Assistants, etc.)

Department/Unit Responsibilities

University Center Library Residence Halls

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