International Studies

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Our Program

Students interested in becoming global citizens will have the opportunity not only to learn about the world, but also to travel, experience, and immerse themselves in the global community. The international studies program creates global awareness by providing students with the intellectual skills and substantive knowledge necessary to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

The international studies program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to compete in a global community and promote critical thinking and problem solving from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students are introduced to a foreign language and encouraged to develop their skills in the specific language. Students also have the opportunity to travel abroad and gain international experience.

For more information on International Studies, please contact:

Sooh-Rhee Ryu-Chair
International Studies
355d Kleinpell Fine Arts

Areas of Emphasis

UWRF offers seven areas of emphasis within the International Studies Program, allowing students to identify their key interests and focus on a particular area of study. Available emphases include: 

  • Culture 
  • Development 
  • Global Science and Environment 
  • Conflict and Peace 
  • Regional Studies
    • Asia 
    • Europe 
    • Latin America

Completion of our international studies program gives students the ability to identify the key agricultural, economic and business, geographic, historical, social/cultural, and political conditions and trends at the global level, and the linkages to the domestic and international levels; and to demonstrate first-hand experience with at least one other foreign culture and way of life. 

Students will gain the ability to collect, assess the value of, and apply information to the study of international issues; communicate effectively in written, oral, and electronic contexts; organize and complete independent inquiry and analysis; and demonstrate an intermediate-level competency in a second language, equivalent to at least two years of college-level work.

Get Involved

The international studies department encourages students to get involved with global issues, conferences, and other professional development opportunities. The International Relations Club opens the lines of discussion between current students and professors, allowing for candid conversation. The International Relations Club is a place for those who have international interests to debate the issues of the day, organize conferences, and participate in model United Nations, among other things.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

Students at UWRF know the importance of global competency and understanding. International studies is also offered as a minor. Students studying international studies gain a unique perspective on global issues and the program complements all majors offered at UWRF.

“I want to be informed about what is going on in the world and this was a good combination of philosophy, political science, and sociology. [The international studies minor] combines a lot of different areas and gives students a lot of choice in direction.”
Nadia Glaser, Spanish major

“This is a very good program that helps student get more involved in other countries. I’m interested in international study because of the interesting courses that are offered. I would like to improve my knowledge of the business, economics and development of other countries. I would like to be able to work abroad someday.”
Nakati Kakosso, Math and French major

“I find traveling the world and meeting new people and immersing myself in new countries very fascinating. There are many opportunities to learn about yourself as well when you travel.”
Jenna Bennett, Business Administration and Economics major