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Our Program

There are six tenured and full-time history faculty members in the History Department, and they are specialized in US history, Asian history, Latin American history, and medieval and modern European history. As dedicated educators and scholars, we are here to help you learn history and prepare you to embrace a bright future.

History is about the human experiences before us. But only through the study of our past can we better understand the present conditions of our global societies and gain abetter sense of what the future holds for us.You are connecting our past with our future by learning history.

Learning history will also give you an opportunity to receive training in research skills, critical thinking skills, writing skills and the other kinds of skills that you will depend on in the future for a productive life.The study of history will lead to a bachelor's degree in liberal arts, and such a degree will open up many future career opportunities for you, including governmental services (such as civil and foreign services), advertising, tourism industry, archives and museums, practice of law, publishing industry, journalism and financial services.

For more information on History, please contact:

Zhiguo Yang- Chair
313 Kleinpell Fine Arts


In addition to history program, the History Department is also the home to a secondary education program called Broad Field Social Studies with a History Emphasis Major (BFSS). If you wish to become a future educator teaching history and other social science subjects in middle/high school, then a BFSS major will be your gateway to such a profession because it will result in your being certified to teach in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Our Department has maintained a successful track record of providing BFSS majors with a comprehensive and well-rounded history education and preparing them to launch their teaching career after graduation. We are proud of the fact that many of our BFSS majors have successfully transformed themselves from good history students to good history teachers.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

In our department, there are many opportunities for students to learn history through getting involved.We have merged our study abroad programs—such as study trips to China, Italy and Japan—with our history curriculum, offering our students the chance to study historical and current issues by placing them in their geographic and cultural contexts.

You can join the History Club and connect with other history majors. There is also an active chapter of Phi Alpha Theta on our campus; the national history honorary society. We enroll our majors during their junior or senior year in internship programs that will place them in museums, historical societies, and businesses and provide them with a hands-on learning experience. It is not unusual that an internship program leads to a job offer.