Animal Science - Equine

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Our Program

Animal Science is an applied science that prepares students for all aspects of farm animal production including feeding, breeding, health, and management. Our equine program offers three options, which guide students in choosing appropriate course work for their career path:

  • Science Option: For those interested in graduate work or veterinary medicine the science option includes the necessary hours of chemistry, mathematics, physical and biological sciences.
  • Management Option: The management option emphasizes business and agricultural economics courses.
  • Minor Option: As an alternative to the Management or Science option, students can pair the Animal Science major with an academic minor (i.e. minor in Ag Business or Modern Languages) to develop a more in-depth understanding of a second area of interest.

We have faculty who focus on teaching, with specializations in physiology, nutrition, genetics, reproductive management, animal welfare, animal health, behavior and training. You will get hands-on experience on our campus teaching laboratory farm, which features pasture land, a heated indoor riding arena, horse and colt barns, breeding facilities and an outdoor rodeo arena. We have long-standing ties with the national and international horse industry, offering our students broad as well as direct industry exposure.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

The Equine program offers students the opportunity to be involved in unique and innovative activities outside the classroom:

  • Colts-in-Training Program: Colts-in-Training is a nationally recognized program that teaches students how to start and train young horses. In the training courses, each student is assigned a young unridden horse and, under the direct supervision of a faculty member, they train the horses in ground and riding skills. Colts in the program are extremely well bred, offering students a chance to ride future champions. When the program is complete, the colts are sold in our annual spring Colts-in-Training Sale.
  • International Experience: Each summer, with support from the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association), a select group of students travel with faculty to Europe or South America where they use their skills to teach western horsemanship.
  • Breeding Program: At UW-River Falls, we've developed a successful breeding program where students learn to collect stallions, package semen, foal out, and breed mares. They have a unique opportunity to work with internationally respected stallions like Skeets Peppy.

The Animal Science Major will prepare students for a variety of positions in animal agriculture. These positions offer significant and early opportunity for advancement. The demand for personnel is consistently high in all areas.

UW-River Fall’s equine program prides itself on close connections between our faculty and the horse industry. As a result, our students are able to secure quality internships and employment opportunities, including:

  • Agricultural Extension Agent
  • Agricultural Journalist
  • Agricultural Loan Officer
  • Breed Association Representative
  • Breed Publication Editor/Assistant
  • Breeding Farm Management
  • County Extension Assistant
  • Equine Equipment Sales and Service
  • Equine College Instructor
  • Equine Nutritionist
  • Extension Youth Specialist
  • Farrier
  • Farm or Stable Manager
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Race or Show Groom
  • Research Assistant Riding
  • Instructor
  • Trainer