Computer Science and Information Systems

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Our Program

The job market is excellent for computer science. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, seven of the ten fastest growing occupations over the next decade will be in the computer science and information technology field. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, software engineer was ranked No. 1 and computer systems analyst was ranked No. 9 in a list of the best jobs. The computer science major has lucrative careers that have the opportunity for creativity and innovation. 

The computer science and information systems department offers its graduates a common foundation for analysis, design and development of computer and information systems within two major options. The first option is computer science and the second is information systems.

  • Computer science option: a technical and theoretical emphasis that provides students comprehensive understanding of software engineering, computing techniques and the underlying theories.
  • Information systems option: provides the analysis and design with an emphasis on managing, storing, transmitting, and providing ready access to information.

As part of the UW-River Falls computer science program, graduates will gain skills in solving complex and challenging problems, application design and development, computer networking, information systems design and development and management and leadership in order to lead teams collaboratively through a wide range of projects.

What our Students Are Doing

“Enrolling in the CSIS Department at River Falls has been the best decision of my life. Having transferred from a large school, it is amazing how much of a difference it makes having smaller class sizes. I am able to interact one-on-one with my professors and my professors make an effort to not only to get to know my name, but to get to know me as a person. Having this student-professor relationship has presented me with many career-oriented opportunities that I don’t think would have been possible for me at a bigger school. While experiencing an internship in IT, I have been able to confidently apply the skills I have learned in the CSIS program at UWRF to my internship and it is a great feeling. I feel very prepared to enter the workplace and am very thankful for my wonderful professors in the UWRF CSIS department who made that possible.” 

Caitlin Finn, UW-River Falls student, Computer Science

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

In the global environment of rapidly changing technology, there is a growing business dependence on information systems and the digital networks in all career fields. As a result, computer skills and competencies are in high demand. The CSIS Department has an active local chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). 

The computer science department has state of the art facilities that allow for students to have hands-on experience. All our classrooms are equipped with the latest multimedia technology to provide modern and efficient learning. Computer labs are outfitted with state of the art computing and communication facilities include desktop computers, UNIX workstations, networking technologies and graphics workstations. Advance labs allow our students to work with state-of-the-art technologies and explore topic in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, genetic algorithms, computer animation, computer vision, wireless computing, data warehousing, and data mining. 

Typical courses in computer science range from computer programming, operating systems, software application design and development, computer networking, artificial intelligence, to bioinformatics. 

Students entering the Computer Science field have job opportunities in fields ranging from computer and information system management, web designer and developer, computer programmer, to software architect.