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Communication Studies

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Our Program

Communication is vital to all aspects of our personal and professional lives, making Communication Studies an excellent choice for students preparing for a variety of professional careers.

Our curriculum is flexible enough to allow students to explore a variety of areas while still allowing them to complete the program quickly. Communication Studies features communication skills most needed by the student preparing for a career in business, government, or nonprofit sectors. Such employers recognize the centrality of good communication in the world of work, regardless of their specific field. Because of the broad nature of this major students are prepared for a number of career options.

Communication Studies also prepares students for graduate study in a variety of areas including organizational leadership, student affairs, and communication. Through field experience and internship programs, students develop a professional understanding and are highly marketable when entering the job market or graduate school. Regardless of the student's career goal, the UW-River Falls Communication Studies Department creates well rounded students entering a range of career fields.

For more information on Communication Studies, please contact:

Jennifer Willis-Rivera -  Program Coordinator
268 Kleinpell Fine Arts

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Student Leaders in Communication (SLIC) is a student club that promotes the studying, teaching, and application of the principles of communication through educational and social functions that are relevant to the membership of the club at both national and regional conferences.

Member's research papers are submitted, and presented at both the National Communication Association National Conference and the Central States Communication Association Regional Conference.

The National Communication Association promotes effective and ethical communication. The association supports the communication research, teaching, public service, and practice of a diverse community of scholars, educators, administrators, students, practitioners, and public figures.

Student Leaders in Communication brings in business leaders, scholars, and alumni from all over the Midwest, giving our students an opportunity to make connections and further prepare themselves for a career in an area they are passionate about.