Business Administration - Marketing

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Our Program

Marketing can be a very fun and exciting career. It is the business function within the firm that most directly interacts with current and prospective customers. Marketers are engaged in determining and satisfying customer needs through product development, promotion, pricing and distribution. Effective marketers are in demand from not only business firms but also a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Marketers can work in small local companies, large multinational corporations and strictly on-line enterprises. 

It is a field that people with creative skills, analytical skills or both can succeed. A successful marketing professional typically exhibits critical thinking, communications (both written and oral), interpersonal and creative skills. 

There are a wide variety of specializations within marketing. Among these are: product and brand management, advertising and promotion, retail and wholesale, marketing research, customer relationship management and e-commerce. 

Students within the marketing option take the courses comprising the business administration major such as accounting, AACSBeconomics, statistics, organizational management, finance, operations and strategic management. Beyond this they take courses in consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing and marketing strategy. They may also choose elective courses such as internet and direct marketing, services marketing, retailing, advertising and promotion, business to business marketing and internship in marketing.

Students can also choose an emphasis in professional sales within the business administration - marketing option. Most business and marketing majors begin their career in sales-related positions and so the professional sales emphasis gives students a competitive edge in their job search after graduation. Students will learn skills through active learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, such as sales role playing and internships.


Academic advising is strength of the college.  A professional advisor in the College of Business and Economics advises freshman and sophomore students.  After students have selected a field of emphasis and are formally admitted to the college, they are assigned a faculty advisor in that area.  Our student organizations, the Business Association, the Finance Club and the Society for Human Resource Management, are active and generate student/faculty professional and social interaction.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

The College of Business and Economics (CBE) is accredited by AACSB International, the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business.  Teamwork is integrated into the curriculum. Upper level classes are small and often include team projects.  Students are exposed to global issues and encouraged to participate in international travel opportunities available to them through the university and CBE.  Business courses are often offered in the Wisconsin in Scotland and Experience China semester abroad programs.

Faculty advise students in the selection of appropriate courses, career considerations, finding an internship, learning about overseas study programs, and conducting independent research projects.  People with business knowledge and experience are the mainstays of organizations.  They help assure that clients get the products and services they seek and that the organization makes enough profit to stay in existence.  One of the exciting aspects of a business career is constant change in the marketplace.  A major in Business Administration-Marketing will help prepare you for this exciting world.