Drop-In Tutoring Centers

Spring 2015 hours

  • Select the center to view each location's typical tutor schedule for specific information on which courses can be tutored and when.
  • If your particular course is not covered in any of the tutoring centers, please check TutorTrac to see if there is an individual tutor you can meet with by appointment.



CAFES Center
326 Agricultural Science Building

M-Th: 11:30am - 5pm

Chemistry Center
101 Centennial Science Hall

M-Th: 4pm - 9pm
F: 11am - 3pm

English as a Second
Language Center

104 Davee Libraray

M-Th: 10am -7pm
F: 10am - 2pm

Speaker's Corner
(English conversation practice)
M-F: 2pm - 5pm

Math Help Center
145 North Hall

M-Th: 9am - 4pm, 7pm - 9pm
F: 9am - 1pm

Physics Center
114 Centennial Science Hall

M - Th: 2pm- 7pm
F: 2pm-6pm

Skills Center

(a variety of subjects
+general 100 - 200 course assistance)

104 Davee Library

M-Th: 10am - 6pm

Writing Center
225 Kleinpell Fine Arts

M-Th: 8am - 6pm
F: 8am - 2pm