The Academic Success Center at UW-River Falls is home to a number of programs and services with one common goal—your success. We understand that your definition of success might be very different from someone else's definition of success, which is why we strive to provide a variety of opportunities allowing you to participate in those that align closely with your personal academic goals.We welcome you to stop in or give us a call if you are interested in learning more about the free programs and services offered in the UW-River Falls Academic Success Center.


Pre-Major Advising Program

Declaring your major is a big decision, and we're here to help. The Pre-Major Advising Program is designed to assist exploratory students who are undecided about their academic pathway. Program participants will work on completing their general education requirements while exploring a variety of academic options and outcomes. By the end of your freshman year, you'll know more about yourself and be prepared to declare your major with confidence.

Daniel Rivera | 715-425-3531 | daniel.rivera@uwrf.edumail
Stephanie Bauer | 715-425-3531 | stephanie.bauer-work@uwrf.edumail


Student Support Services Program

The Student Support Services (SSS) Program at UW-River Falls offers a number of educational outreach and enrichment opportunities to maximize your academic success at the college level. Program participants receive access to one-on-one academic coaching, leadership and community service opportunities, career/graduate school advising, opportunities to participate in social/cultural activities, and assistance with accessing campus services.To be eligible for this federally funded TRiO program, you must meet one of the following criteria: (1) first-generation college student (parent/guardian did not receive a bachelor's degree), (2) financial need (see for income guidelines) or (3) have a documented disability.

Ziomara Cervantes | 715-425-3531 | ziomara.cervantes@uwrf.edumail
Linda Jordan | 715-425-3531 | linda.jordan@uwrf.edumail
Rose Rude | 715-425-3531 | rose.rude@uwrf.edumail
Chuayi Yang | 715-425-3531 | mail


Tutoring Services

UW-River Falls provides free, unlimited tutoring to all students. You have the choice of scheduling a private appointment with a specific tutor, or taking advantage of a tutoring center that operates on a drop-in basis.

For instructions on scheduling a private tutoring appointment, visit:

For operating hours for the drop-in tutoring centers listed below, visit:

Kelly Grenzow | 715-425-3531 | Tutoring@uwrf.edumail


McNair Scholars Program

Thinking about graduate school? Each year twelve to fifteen students are selected to participate in the McNair Scholars Program. The program will prepare you for graduate school and a career in research. As a participant of this program, you will receive intensive mentoring, attend specialized seminars and participate in a paid summer research internship.To be eligible for this federally funded TRiO program, you must be from a historically underrepresented group (The Department of Education defines these groups as Black (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, and American Indian/Alaskan Native, and, in some fields, women) or be a first-generation college student (parent/guardian did not receive a bachelor's degree) with financial need (see for income guidelines).

Natalie Strobach | 715-425-3531 | natalie.strobach@uwrf.edumail


STEM Success

The Academic Success Center provides a supportive and challenging environment for first and second-year students majoring in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math). The STEM coach will work with you to achieve success in your first two years of college. They will also connect you with faculty, staff and peers who will serve as a network to assist you in creating goals and getting the most of your experience at UW-River Falls.

Noah Biros | 715-425-3531 | noah.biros@uwrf.edumail


Multicultural Student Services

The Multicultural Student Services office provides an inclusive and supportive community space for underrepresented students to learn and engage with educational resources and campus opportunities. 

Megan LaFontaine | 715-425-3531 | megan.lafontaine@uwrf.edumail  
Chuayi Yang | 715-425-3531 | chuayi.yang@uwrf.edumail

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