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Honoring Abilities with Equal Access and Opportunity

Ability Services assists students by arranging accommodations that provide equal access and opportunity. Accommodations are for students who have substantially difficult medical, physical, sensory, or brain-related issues. Typically, accommodations are alternative ways to receive information that courses require and/or are modified ways to show that students have learned required course material. Some examples include: copies of lecture notes, audio textbooks, and more time allowed for test-taking.

Initially, students who want accommodations are expected to: 

1. Voluntarily contact Student Ability Services and make an outward request; 

2. Submit specific written information about their difficult medical, physical, sensory, or brain-related issue. 

Depending on individual circumstances, the accommodation process can happen quickly or take considerable time. Thus, students who want accommodations should contact Ability Services soon after being accepted to UW-River Falls, or even before their acceptance.  

Use the "Getting Started" link to learn more about the accommodation process.

Mark R. Johnson
Office Coordinator

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