Accessibility Accommodations

Activating Common Facility Accommodations

Even after setting up an option to have facility accommodations students still have to outwardly ask Disability Services for each instance of the accommodations in advance. This is an essential ongoing requirement because accommodations can require a lot of planning and time to arrange. The staff of Disability Services don’t automatically know which students will want to repeat the use a facility accommodation, or even who will return from one semester to the next or for a new academic year.

Alternative classroom furniture 

Requests should be made 6 weeks before the start of the courses where it will be needed, as the different furniture may need to be ordered.

Accommodations to live in a residential hall

This can be things like: a building with an elevator; a single occupancy room; a first floor room; a place to keep and recharge an electric wheelchair; various safety arrangements for deaf or blind students; storage for important medical equipment, or other non-traditional circumstances. New students who’ll want residential hall accommodations should submit their request immediately after receiving acceptance to attend UWRF. Continuing students who’ll want this accommodation for the next school year should request it by mid March of the previous Spring. It’s important to make these early requests. Nearly 2500 students live on campus and there are a limited number of rooms, so the task of assigning each student to a specific room for a new school year gets started long in advance. As increasing numbers of room assignments have been completed for the new year it can become very difficult, or perhaps even impossible, to arrange a particular type of residential hall accommodation.

Specialized technological equipment and software

This isn't usually automatically available on campus. This is because they often need to be custom tailored to a given student’s unique disability situation, and every kind of computer equipment tends to become obsolete rather quickly. Often new technological equipment must be ordered before it will be available for a student. Submit requests for this kind of accommodation upon receiving acceptance to attend UWRF, or as soon as possible should a new need arise.

Disability parking

Tags that are valid for 30 days can be obtained through Disability Services only once by providing a sufficient documentation letter. Disability parking tags of longer duration are available from the WI- Department of Transportation (DOT) with an easy to use form your doctor must fill out. See the DOT’s web site at: