Stabling Facilities

The list of stables below are neither affiliated with nor recommended by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Click the red plus sign for more information on each facility.

Stable Name          Phone Number          Owners          Cost per Month         Location

Bigaouette Ranch   715-778-4796   Lisa and Barry Bigaouette   $250-$450   20 min from campus

Bigaouette Ranch

715-778-4796 or 651-238-1903
Lisa & Barry Bigaouette
N7053 County Road BB
Spring Valley, WI 54767

  • Optional stall board with 12 x 12 new Classic Equine matted stalls - $350/mo
  • Pasture board with large shed $250/month
  • Foaling stall with 24/7 audio/visual camera & private pasture - $450/mo
  • Pastures with rotational grazing - mowed, dragged, and maintained regularly
  • Clean, automatic waterers
  • Excellent quality hay fed 24/7 in winter, grown here on our farm
  • Owner/Manager on site with 30+ years experience
  • Individual care - optional 3x per day feedings
  • 20 minutes from campus
  • Very small number of boarders
  • References available upon request

BNS Ranch    715-821-2305    $200-$350    20 miles from campus

BNS Ranch

W5350 490th Ave.
Ellsworth, WI

  • Rotational pastures- mowed, dragged, and maintained regularly
  • Clean automatic waterer
  • Personally grown quality hay fed 24/7
  • Manager in site with lesson and training options available
  • Individual care (fly sheets/masks, blanketing, feeding, etc)
  • 70x100 outdoor arena, 100x200 indoor being built this fall
  • Cattle and mounted shooting practices available on site!
  • Opportunity to work off board
  • Very small number of boarders
  • References available upon request
  • Pasture board with loafing shed $200/month
  • Stall board this fall $350/month
Cardwell's Ranch & Arena  651-261-2468  Jaimi Hoernke  $150-$300  8 miles from campus

Cardwell's Ranch and Arena

Jaimi Hoernke
W6562 870th Ave
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Heated barn with hot and cold wash rack
  • 6 large 12x12 matted stalls with windows in heated barn-bedding, hay, grain, daily stall cleaning, daily turnout-$300
  • Pasture-shelter, free choice hay, large rotated pastures-$150
  • Large indoor 90x200
  • Limited trailer parking
  • Portable bathroom on site
  • Tack room
  • Friendly intimate environment where your enjoyment and your horses health, safety, and contentment is our priority
Cave Creek Stable  715-778-4470   Eric and Holly Vanasse   $180   20 min east of campus

Cave Creek Stables

715-778-4470 or 715-308-2942 (cell)
Eric and Holly Vanasse
W3262 730th Avenue,
Spring Valley, WI 54767

  • Two large pastures includes run-in shelters, individual grain, grassy mix hay (raised according to organic standards), small herd $180.00 /month pasture board
  • Four 12'x 12' box stalls available, rates dependent on services needed
  • 72 x 100 indoor arena, 100 x 200 outdoor arena, 60' round pen, playground with obstacles including jumps and a bridge, , and access to many trails
  • Natural horsemanship oriented facility - Owners at Level 3 in Parelli System
  • Minerals in ration balanced according to hay analysis
  • Horsemanship lessons and barefoot trimming available
  • Owners live and work on site, so horses are closely supervised.
Chinnock Stables  715-781-7102  Betsy Huie   $265 - $450   4 miles northwest of campus

Chinnock Stables

Betsy Huie
562 Chinnock Lane,
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Full Board in a heated Box stall (12' x 11') - $450/month (w/automatic waterers)
  • Full Board in an unheated Box stall (12' x 11') - $350/month
  • Pasture boarding $265/month (15 acre pasture)
  • Private and semi-private turnout available
  • All disciplines welcome
  • Heated stables, wash stall, tack room and lounge
  • Insulated indoor arena (70' x 170') with excellent footing
  • Large outdoor arena (100' x 200') with sand footing
  • Grain 2x/day, hay 5x/day (quality square bales only)
  • Jumps and jump standards available for use
  • Personalized care (owner/barn manager on site)
  • Located 4 miles northwest from campus
Dancing Horse Hill  715-639-2641  Robin Crickman & John Hasler  $125 - $225   30 min from campus

Dancing Horse Hill

Robin Crickman & John Hasler
N6512 110th Street, Elmwood, WI 54740

  • Pasture board $125/month includes individually fed grain and group fed hay.
  • Box stall board $225/month includes grain, hay, bedding, daily stall cleaningand turnout.
  • Private paddock with shelter $180/month for first horse, $125 for each  additional horse.Suitable for stallion.Hay, grain included.
  • Lighted indoor arena 60x120; jumps, barrels, poles available for use.
  • Cross country course with bank, ditch, small water jump.
  • Resident owners/managers with over 20 years experience at this site.
  • Experienced with breeding, foaling mares, weanlings, layups and retirees  as well as active riding horses.
  • Located 30 minutes from River Falls on the bluffs above the Eau Galle River  Just 15 minutes from Wildwood Trail or the Eau Galle Reservoir trails.
Don LeFever Training Center  715-386-9640   Don and Teresa LeFever   13 miles north of campus

Don LeFever Training Center

715-386-9640, or 612-965-4122 (cell)
Don and Teresa LeFever
932 LaBarge Road
Hudson, WI 54016

  • Specializing in Western Pleasure,Training, and Horse Sales/Leasing
  • Riding lessons for all ages
  • Fully heated facility 46 stalls 150 x 80 Indoor arena
  • Trails available 3 miles north off highway 12
Double K Equestrian Center  715-425-2025   The Giske Family   $225 - $350   10 miles from campus

Double K Equestrian Center

The Giske Family
1469 County Road J
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Board - 10 x 12 box stalls with mats $350/mo
  • Includes daily turnout, grain, hay, daily stall cleaning
  • Pasture (equipped with automatic water) boarding $225/mo
  • Indoor arena 66 x 120 well lighted, dust free
  • Outdoor arena 100' x 200'
  • Grooming area, clean dry tack room
  • Trailer parking
  • Trails
  • Home of the "Walk On Therapeutic Riding Programs." Come and be part of the fun
El Paso Ranch    715-273-3442    Ray Dohm   $150 - $250   20 miles from campus

El Paso Ranch

Ray Dohm
W3963 County Rd G
Ellsworth, WI 54011

  • Stall Board- $250/month, includes daily turnout, grain, hay served twice daily, stalls cleaned daily
  • Pasture Board- $150/month includes shelter, grain, hay served twice daily, mineral/salt blocks
  • Automatic waters in pastures
  • 90' X 200' outdoor arena
  • 60' X 60' indoor arena
  • Trailer parking
  • Hours of fabulous private riding trails through Rush River area
  • 1500 sq ft shared rental apartment, 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom @$375.00/mo includes utilities
  • Possible work to board and apartment/boarding packages
  • 20 miles from Campus 
Erickson Acres, llc    715-220-5660    Sarah Erickson    $175-$350    20 min east of campus

Erickson Acres, llc

Sarah Erickson
N8010 County Rd BB
Spring Valley, WI 54767

  • Limited box stalls available
  • Many acres of pasture, electric fence, fed small square bales of alfalfa hay
  • Small # of boarders in each pasture
  • Negative Coggins for current year required.
  • Twenty minutes East of River Falls, rural setting.
  • We are located on the South corner of Hwy 29 and County Rd BB.
  • Outdoor sand arena 70x140' dressage arena and jump field (adding XC jumps soon)
  • Rubber matted grooming area
  • Trailer parking
  • Quiet rural roads to ride along
  • Exercising and training available.
  • Welcome all styles of riding
  • Lesson horses
  • Over 25 years experience
  • UWRF Alumni
Fox Ridge Stable  612-961-4275  Courtney Snieg  $250-$500  5 miles southeast of campus

Fox Ridge Stable

Courtney Snieg
7278 County Rd. O
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Located about 5 miles southeast of campus (5 minute drive)
  • Pasture board
  • Stall board
  • Heated barn
  • Heated wash stall
  • 144x72 indoor riding arena
  • Sand dressage arena and grass arena with jumps
  • Small family-owned facility
Great River Boarding Stable  715-262-5247  Janda Thompson  $150 - $400   15 min from campus

Great River Boarding Stable

Janda Thompson
N4853 1100th Street
Prescott, WI 54021

  • 35 years horse care experience
  • Facility with 60' x 100' indoor arena
  • Outdoor arena - 100' x 200'
  • Insulated barn with 10' x 12' stalls
  • Round pen, wash area, tack room and bathroom
  • Rates, $150 to $400 depending on level of care
  • Pasture with grain $175
  • Ride on miles of private, beautiful, maintained trails near Big River
  • Only 15 minutes from River Falls
Happy Valley Stables    715-425-5889    Bill and Dr. Pete Morrow  $150+    2 miles from campus

Happy Valley Stables  

Bill and Dr. Pete Morrow
N7640 910th St. (Happy Valley Road)
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Pasture: Summer - $150/month, Winter - $180/month, includes shelter, fresh water, hay in winter
  • Box stalls: 10 x 12 - $250/month, 12 x 12 box - $260/month, includes matting, hay, fresh water, daily turnout/stall cleaning
  • 40 x 80 indoor riding/training arena
  • 100 x 200 outdoor arena area
  • 160 acres of riding area, new trails being developed
  • Heated lounge/changing room
  • Approximately 2 miles from campus
Hidden Hills Stable   715-781-1192   Stephanie Plote   $225 - $505   20 min southeast of campus

Hidden Hills Stable

Stephanie Plote
N3752 County Road K
Hager City, WI 54014
Stephanie Plote Performance Horses - Home

A quaint little horse boarding/breeding/foaling facility located on 40 acres of beautiful rolling hills and pastures with a focus on providing a clean, safe, friendly environment for you while offering quality personalized care and attention to your horse.

Amenities include:

  • 10' x 12' matted stalls
  • 20' x 12' foaling stalls
  • 60' x 120' indoor riding arena
  • 50' round pen
  • Paddocks with shelters
  • Less than an hour from the Twin Cities Metro Area and about 20 minutes from UWRF
  • $225 - $305 for pasture board
  • $425 - $505 for stall board
Hidden Rush Boarding & Training   715-307-2593 715-273-5111   Sara & Phil Huggett   $145 - $185   20 min east of campus

Hidden Rush Boarding & Training

Sarah Huggett (715-307-2593) or Phil Huggett (715-273-5111)
W3679 730th Avenue, Spring Valley, WI 54767

  • 9 x 12 stalls, includes hay, grain, daily cleaning and turnout - $185/month
  • 150 x 225 outdoor arena
  • 60 x 152 indoor arena
  • Western and English welcome, team roping available
  • Limited number of boarders taken. Call for availability
  • 20 minutes east of campus
  • Large pasture, wooded trails
  • Pasture $145/month
  • Box stall $185/month
  • Riding lessons available
  • Excellent riding trails close to Rush River
  • Indoor & outdoor arena rental to non-boarders

KJ Equestrian    715-220-7811    Kelsey Jurek    $275-$490    6-7 miles from campus

KJ Equestrian

Kelsey Jurek
1171 30th Ave.
River Falls, WI

Price range: $275-$490

Stall board in our beautiful heated facility includes:

  • 12x14' matted stalls with window
  • Fully heated during winter months
  • Daily turnout into paddocks with heated, automatic waterers during the winter
  • Evening turnout onto 70 acres of well-maintained, lush pasture during the summer/fall
  • Professionally developed nutrition program including grain (Strategy or your own) and Alfalfa hay fed twice daily
  • Blanketing during winter months
  • Fully heated 70x200' indoor riding arena connected directly to the barn, features a quality sand footing and large mirrors
  • Large 80x200' outdoor arena
  • Equipment available for use (i.e. jump standards, cavalletti poles, barrels, etc)
  • Miles of trails available to ride during the summer months, complete with multiple water crossings, wooded areas, and open fields

Stall board in our lovely additional barn includes:

  • 8x12' matted solid-front stalls and 10x12' matted gate-front stalls
  • Fresh water daily
  • Daily turnout into paddocks during the winter
  • Evening turnout onto 70 acres of well-maintained, lush pasture during the summer/fall
  • Professionally developed nutrition program including grain (Strategy or your own) and Alfalfa hay fed twice daily
  • Blanketing during winter months
  • Wash stall (available when weather allows)
  • Grooming/saddling tie stall
  • Large 80x200' outdoor arena
  • Access to fully heated 70x200' indoor riding arena featuring a quality sand footing and large mirrors
  • Equipment available for use (i.e. jump standards, cavalletti poles, barrels, etc)
  • Miles of trails available to ride during the summer months, complete with multiple water crossings, wooded areas, and open fields

Pasture board on our lush, spacious 70 acre pasture includes:

  • Small herd size on a large, well maintained pasture
  • Access to natural and lean-to shelters
  • Access to automatic waterer
  • High quality round bales fed during the winter
  • Space in the unheated barn tack room
  • Access to grooming/saddling tie stall in the unheated barn
  • Paddocked once daily for grain if desired ($325/month or you're welcome to do yourself)
  • Access to all riding facilities, including heated indoor arena, heated viewing lounge, large outdoor arena, miles of trails, etc
Liberty Ridge Farm  715-425-7019   Don Elverd   $90-$225   2 miles from campus

Liberty Ridge Farm

Don Elverd
102 Liberty Road
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Box stalls 9 x 15:
    $100/mo, stall barn, do your own chores
    $110/mo, do your own chores, supply your own hay
    $160/mo, do your own chores, hay supplied
    $225/mo, we do chores, supply grain, hay and bedding
  • $90/month - Pasture with walkout
  • Outdoor riding arena
  • Miles of scenic trails
  • Bedding available $4/bale
  • Hay available (limited) $3.75/bale
  • Willing to do morning chores for negotiable charge
  • 2 miles from the University
Lucky Horse Stable   715-426-0226    Tom & Juliet Dawald     $225 - $325   3.5 miles from campus

Lucky Horse Stable

Tom & Juliet Dawald
River Falls, WI 54022

Lucky Horse Stable is a small, quiet, clean, safe, friendly, family-run facility located just 3 1/2 miles from campus.

  • All pastures have shelters, paddock area, and auto water
  • Pasture board is $225/month and stall board is $325/month
  • Small herds of 5 or less
  • Fed round bales 24/7 in the winter
  • Fed grain 2x daily
  • 60x120 indoor arena
  • Social area
  • 85 acres/trails
  • Excellent care of your horse
Moundsview Farms  715-410-2080   Mark Anderson   $125 - $225   10 miles from campus

Moundsview Farms

715-410-2080 (cell) or 612-554-9983
W10966 US Hwy 10
Prescott, WI 54021

  • Uncrowded pasture with shelter - $125/mo - hay, shelter 21
  • Box Stalls 10 x 12 with mats - $225/mo - grain, hay & bedding; daily cleaning & turnout
  • Indoor (72 x 165) arena and outdoor riding arena160 acres of private land and trails
  • Trailer and tack storage available
  • Training and riding lessons
  • Open 24/7, quiet peaceful atmosphere, owners reside on-site
  • 10 miles from University
Pine Meadow Farm  717-549-6093   Rob and Brenda Buckles   $180-$300    20 miles from campus

Pine Meadow Farm

Rob and Brenda Buckles 715-549-6093 or 715-523-0599 (cell)
1181 Trout Brook Road
Hudson, WI 54016

  • Stall $300
  • Pasture $180
  • Indoor Arena (100 x 56)
  • Outdoor Arenas (120 x 150 & 100 x 150)
  • All "game" equipment available for use
  • 60' Round Pen
  • Trailer Parking
  • Private Tack Lockers
  • Lounge
  • Owner on-site with over 20 years experience
Mahogany Hill Boarding   715-377-0958   Jordan Simons   $250 - $400   10 miles from campus

Mahogany Hill Boarding

Jordan Simons
715-377-0958 (Barn)
715-386-6155 (H)
249 Plainview Drive
River Falls, WI 54022
(off County F, 5 miles south of Hudson)

  • Boarding $400/month, pasture $250/month
  • Large heated box stalls with daily turnout to pasture
  • Pasture board: Hay or grass and grain daily, shelters
  • Large (60 feet x 180 feet) indoor arena - heated
  • Large outdoor arena and round pen
  • 83 acres of trails near St. Croix River Bluff
  • Horse and rider instruction available
  • Twice yearly fun show and BBQ, offsite trail rides
Right Touch Horse Training LLC   651-341-1819   Stephanie Wood   $425 - $450   3 miles northeast of campus

Right Touch Horse Training LLC

Stephanie Wood
1171 30th Ave.
River Falls, WI

  • $425.00 - $450.00/month for board
  • Fully heated barn and indoor arena
  • 10x12 and 12x14 stalls with automatic water
  • Board includes grain, hay, shavings, daily turnout, blanketing, supplements etc.
  • Tack room, wash stall, and viewing lounge
  • 3 miles of trails with river and creek crossing
  • 120 x 80 indoor arena
  • Round pen pastures and paddocks with private and group turnout
  • Training, boarding, lessons, and clinics available
River Brink Stables  715-425-8832       $135 - $260   2 miles west of campus

River Brink Stables

715-425-8832 (barn)

  • Pasture - $135/mo - with shelter, grain, and hay
  • Box Stall (8' x 12') - $245/mo; includes turnout paddock, grain, and hay
  • Box Stall (10' x 12 with mat) - $255/mo; with mat and window - $260/mo; includes turnout paddock, grain, and hay
  • Paddock - $170/mo; includes shelter, grain, and hay Indoor arena and scenic trails
  • 2 miles west of River Falls
Rush River Ranch  715-425-8190  Pete Pierre  $150-250  15 min from campus

Rush River Ranch

Pete Pierre
1912 18th Ave. Baldwin WI 54002

  • Cost per month: $150-250
  • Location: 15 minutes from Campus
  • Pasture Board: $150, large pastures with shelters and auto waterers
  • Stall Board: $250, horses turned out daily
  • Indoor Riding Arena, Lighted Outdoor Riding Arena, Trails that cross the Rush River
  • Hay grown on site
  • Lessons, Training, and Horses for lease available
Shooting Star Stables  715-262-3481   Anita and Kate Faulhaber   $125 - $200   6 miles south of campus

Shooting Star Stables

715-262-3481 (home) or 715-262-4321 (alternate) or 715-497-5880 (cell)
Anita Faulhaber
N7026 1170th St.
Prescott, WI 54021

  • Summer only - 7 acre pasture, $110/mo-grass only, fresh water, salt block, electric fence, daily checks
  • Barn Pasture, $160/mo.-hay twice daily, fresh water, salt block, daily checks, shelter
  • Box Stall, $250/mo-10x12 Hi-Qual tongue & groove rubber-matted stall with Dutch doors leading to pasture includes daily turnout, hay twice daily, fresh water, bedding, stall cleaning. Grain extra.
  • Multiple horse discount
  • Amenities include: Very nice, large tack room, water hydrant in barn, hay storage in barn; Oversized outdoor arena with a deep sand base; may have accessibility to indoor arena nearby; trailer parking available; one stall always kept open for injured or sick horses. Paddock available; lessons available by an experienced equestrian on your horse or our schooling horses; training available; schooling horses available for lease by the hour/week/month. Tack supplied; some trails available on property, many nearby.
  • Small, friendly, family oriented stable with emphasis on care and fun with an easygoing atmosphere; not a show barn
  • Located only 6 miles from UWRF
  • Contact us for availability and further information
  • Facilities for lease in June 2009. contact Anita for more information
  • Available on grounds-room for rent and a beautiful new 1-1/2 bedroom apartment -March 1, 2009. Call for information (715) 497-5880
Skyhorse Farm   715-307-1282 Linn Ekvern   $250-$425   8 miles east of campus

Skyhorse Farm

Beldenville, WI 54003
715-307-1282 (cell)

  • 40 scenic acres with trails and pasture
  • 6 stall (12x12) heated barn with cozy lounge $425 (plus tax)
  • pasture board (limited space) $250 (plus tax)
  • wash stall, tack room
  • safe Electro Braid Fencing and 3 rail wood fence
  • Indoor arena (65x145) with great footing
  • outdoor arena (100x200)
  • welcome all disciplines but specialize in English Jumper and dressage trainers in weekly
StoneMill Stables    612-501-1594 and 651-335-3657    Jeff and Erika    $275-$350    15-20 min. from campus

StoneMill Stables

N5108 1180th St.
Prescott, WI 54021
Jeff - 612-501-1594
Erika - 651-335-3657
15-20 min. from campus

  • Stall board with mats $350/month
  • Pasture board with shelters $275/month
  • Grain and hay (alfalfa mix) fed 2x daily
  • Stable is monitored 24/7
  • Management team has many years of experience
  • Small facility offering individualized care
  • Lessons and training offered
  • Sale horses available
Strohfus Stock Farm    612-384-5023    John Strohfus    $250-$500    Less than 20 miles from campus

Strohfus Stock Farm

John Strohfus
14680 90th St. S.
Denmark, MN 55033
Phone: 612-384-5023
Fax: 877-471-2057
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  • Boarding Horses for over 40 Years
  • 55 Stalls with Daily Herd Turn-Out
  • 10 Pasture Board (Hay Only)
  • Indoor Arena and Two Outdoor Arenas
  • High Quality Ag Lime/Sand Footing
  • 95 Acres with access to Apple Orchard Riding as well as Afton State Park Trail System (3 mile ride)
  • Quality Test Hay
  • Exclusively Feeding Purina Feed Products
  • 19 Miles from Campus
  • Trailer parking
  • Pasture board $250
  • Stall with daily turnout $350-$500
Sunset Hill Equestrian by Sara  651-208-1637   Sara Miller       20 miles east of campus

Sunset Hill Equestrian by Sara

Sara Miller
337 220th Street
Baldwin, WI 54002

  • Limited 10 - 12' rubber matted box stalls available
  • Includes daily turnout, shavings, grain, hay, daily stall cleaning
  • Many acres of pasture (equipped with automatic water), grain, electric fence, hay
  • Hay and grain analysis conducted
  • Small # of boarders and content herd
  • Twenty minutes East of River Falls, rural setting
  • Outdoor sand arena 100 x 200 with dressage letters and plenty of jumps
  • Rubber matted grooming area
  • Trailer parking
  • Trail riding available
  • Dressage and jumping lessons available
  • School horses
  • Possible working student positions available
  • Over 35 years experience
  • UWRF Alumni
Vezina Veterinary Clinic & Horse Boarding  715-425-6628   Don Vezina   $150 - $250    1.5 miles from campus

Vezina Veterinary Clinic and Horse Boarding

Don Vezina
1350 S. Wasson Lane,
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Box stalls - $150/mo back barn, do your own chores, supply your own hay, grain and bedding
  • Box stalls - $180/mo front barn, do your own chores, supply your own bedding, grain and hay supplied
  • Box stalls - $15/mo additional lamp in stall 16 hours
  • Pasture only - $180/mo free choice of round bales Indoor and outdoor arena 1 paddock available
  • Easy access to UWRF facilities and trails
  • Reservations recommended
Walker Farms   715-307-3762   Rachel & George Walker   $160 -$211   10 miles southwest of campus

Walker Farms

Rachael and George Walker
N6548 County Road J
Beldenville, WI  54003

  • Pasture board w/large shelters, grain 2x daily, hay in winter/grass in summer, clean water always available - $160
  • Paddock board w/shelters, smaller groups, grain 2x daily, hay in winter/grass in summer, clean water - $211
  • Coverall indoor arena - well lit, great footing, jumps available
  • Safe, locked tack room in barn
  • Instructor and farrier on-site, boarders receive a discount on rates
  • Lessons available on your own horse of lesson horses
  • Owner/managers on-site to provide individualized care and attention
  • 10 minutes southwest of campus
Westridge Farms  715-426-9640   Val Sylla   $200 - $475   3 miles west of campus

Westridge Farms

Val Sylla
526 Rolling Meadows Drive
River Falls, WI 54022

  • Fully heated facility, 46 stalls, Riding arena
  • 160 x 80 riding arena with automatic sprinkler system
  • Two observation rooms and outdoor arena available
  • Pasture boarding - $200 in April-October; $250 in Nov.-March
  • Stall boarding - $475/mo.
  • Matted stalls 10 x 14 - $425, includes all feedings, cleaning and turnout daily
  • Two wash racks, three grooming areas, tack rooms
  • Restroom facility and lounge
  • Trails available
  • Training and lessons also available
  • Only 3 miles west of River Falls

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