AGED 275: Early Field Experience

Requirements for the Field Experience Component

For this course you will be required to complete at least 30 hours interacting with students from grades preschool through grade 12 in a school supervised setting. Those taking the class in the spring have the option of completing these hours during January before the start of spring semester. The following process must be followed (failure to complete each step will mean that hours at unapproved sites will NOT count and will have to be repeated).

  1. E-mail Dr. Buttles with the name of the school and teacher where you want to go. You cannot visit a school in a district you attended as a student or in a district where a member of your immediate family works.
  2. Dr. Buttles replies with a Yes/No. If No, go back to step one.
  3. Contact the teacher, explain the requirement, and ask if it will be OK to work with her/him.
  4. The teacher sends an e-mail message to Dr. Buttles confirming that it is OK.
  5. Schedule your first visit

Field Experience Expectations:

  1. Complete a total of at least 30 hours of work in the PK-12 classroom setting or school supervised events (FFA events, SAE activities, field trips, or other Ag program sponsored events coordinated by the teacher).
    • At least 3 hours must be spent with Elementary (PK-6) age students. This can be completed as part of Farm Day on campus in April.
    • At least 3 hours must be spent with FFA activities. This can be completed on campus as part of the Agricultural Technology Contest on Saturday, April 2, 2016.
    • Items listed on the 275 Checklist must be completed during the experience. Link to checklist
  2. Complete an activity log entry for every field experience visit/event. Link to requirements
  3. Collect community, school and program information. Link to requirements
  4. Write a final reflective paper. Link to requirements
  5. Complete the Foundations Course Form in Chalk & Wire and submit to your cooperating teacher for approval.

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